Brain Teasers for the Apocalypse

If you’re like me, lately you’ve been obsessing about the world coming to an end. Whether it happens as the result a scuffle between nuclear powers, is a picture-perfect playing out of the Book of Revelations, or the result of the Universe reaching the limits of its...

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Stall, Stall, Stall

This doesn’t happen to me very often, but today I’m going to stall, stall, stall. There are too many things to write about and think about. No single idea will rise above the others, regardless of the many inflammatory topics making the rounds on Facebook. You know...

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On Being Fat

Today’s meditation is on being fat. Here’s my story: I was a fat child. I might even have qualified as obese. At age eleven I was 5’3” and weighed 133 pounds. I wore a junior size 15. My measurements were 36”-36”-36”. From memory and photographic evidence, I had...

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So, You Married a Writer

Writers, sometimes, get a bad rap. We’re characterized as brooding, overly sensitive, obsessed with our work. Writers with young children at home are known to say, “Don’t interrupt me when I’m writing unless there’s blood.” This week I’ve enlisted Bruce Matley, the...

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Profile: Henry Harmon Spalding

If you grew up in Washington State and were educated in the public school system (long may it reign!), you’ve probably heard about Henry Harmon Spalding via the eighth grade requirement, Washington State History. Little known fact: 155 years ago, he lived across the...

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The Read Warrior

From the post-apocalyptic wasteland of American culture rises a new hero. Wielding books as bridges between disparate segments of society, they are known as The Read Warriors. You, too, can become a legend in your own time. It’s such a simple concept you’ll wonder why...

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